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What is a Focus Group?

A focus group is a research method for carrying out qualitative research. This method represents a discussion amongst a certain group of people, along with the addition of a professional moderator who directs the discussion in its necessary trajectory. Focus Group discussions are conducted by the moderator as per a scenario or guide that is prepared in advance.

Usually group work in this setting is recorded by means of audio and video devices, and its results can end up as the basis quantitative research carried out in the future. The optimum size of a focus group fluctuates from 6 to 12 individuals. Fewer than six participants does not create the necessary dynamics for productive group work of group, and the group leader is forced to apply a great deal of effort in order to set the group’s work in motion. If the number of participants in the group is greater than 12, it is difficult to put together any productive discussion, the group can break into sub-groups which might focus their conversations on somewhat less than topical themes, with the result that in the main discussion only a few people are left actively participating.

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