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Letter of Reference from Ipsos Russia

“I feel as though SIAR is not only a vendor, but our partner”

The Gallup Organization has conducted the World Poll in more than 130 countries every year since 2006. This is an extremely difficult project because insuring the comparability of data collected around the world means that we have to follow the same strict methodology in every country.

I am a Regional Coordinator for CIS countries, and SIAR is handling our study in Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Uzbekistan, and Kyrgyzstan (without a doub, this part of the CIS region is the most difficult one to manage).

All SIAR personnel who are working on our project have truly put their hearts into our work. They are not only very dedicated, but also extremely professional and knowledgeable.

After many years of collaboration, I feel as though SIAR is not only a vendor, but our partner.

Neli Esipova Gallup World Poll
Regional Research Director for FSU countries

Princeton, NJ

“Demonstrated a well-developed capacity to work with clients …”

“During the course of our interactions, this company proved itself to be very professional in its approach to work and was able to provide the required data on time. They also showed a notable ability to work with customers during operative and key moments.

If you are in need of the services of a research company, I can with some certainty recommend this company.”

Peter Graham

Project Leader

Tariff Policy in Kyrgyzstan Project Household Electricity Inspection

“I was very impressed by SIAR’s professional approach…”

“Under the skillful management of its Director, Ainura Sagynbaeva, SIAR has prepared detailed marketing plans and marketing recommendations for our food reprocessing plants in the Issyk-Kul region. Overall, SIAR’s team visited 32 food reprocessing plants.

SIAR developed 10 marketing plans for our enterprise clients and provided detailed marketing recommendations about marketing for remaining 23 food reprocessing enterprises. I was very impressed by SIAR’s professional approach and their recommendations provided our clients with important tools that will help these plants to see future business development. I would recommend SIAR without any hesitation.”

Hugh K. Kolter

Team Leader

TACIS / ARIS Program for Regional Development

“Without any hesitation I would once again come to SIAR for their services whether in Kyrgyzstan or abroad…”

“I was very happy with the results of the qualitative evaluation done by SIAR. Their work was professional and world-class. It provided me all of information that was necessary for the creation of a many-directional report for the Bank about a very important question for the country’s strategy. SIAR completed its task on time and without exceeding their budget. I was impressed by the competence of their entire team, including the team members’ language skills, covering Russian, Kyrgyz and English…”

Without any hesitation I would once again come to SIAR for their services whether in Kyrgyzstan or abroad. I work very often in Africa, and have very often been disappointed by the work of many local consultants who have impressive qualifications on “paper”, but fail to live up to these in reality. It was an honor to work with SIAR, and I hope that I will have the opportunity to work with them in the future. ”

Dr. Grant Milne

Adviser to the World Bank

Social Assessment of the Program to Reform the Electricity Sector in the Kyrgyz Republic